Steidtmann School Supply Drive a “Thunderous” Success

Park Event

Promptly at 5 p.m., the scheduled start of Genevieve Steidtmann’s School Supply Drive  celebration a clap of thunder introduced a 45 minute rain shower. But the rain did not dampen the spirits of the women, men and children attending in support of Genevieve Steidtmann for MO House 101. The 101st includes much of Chesterfield and Wildwood.  The school supply drive netted nearly $1,200 dollars worth of school supplies.

Attending in support of Genevieve’s campaign were sitting representatives Deb Lavender of the 90th, and, all the way from Springfield, MO Crystal Quade. Quade represents the 132 district in that Southwest Missouri City, most notably around the city core and Missouri State and Drury Universities. Yes, there are Democrats in Greene County. Boris Abadzhyan, a candidate in the 71st  facing a primary challenge joined the women giving all those in attendance a glimpse of what the Missouri House might look like come January, 2019.

Steidtmann was non-plussed about the rain. “Right now, I am running a campaign here;  I have to let someone else handle the weather.” Steidtmann said that the drive isn’t over and she encouraged constituents to purchase schools supples for their respective school districts.

In light of the growing wave of endorsements and support she’s received, her positions on healthcare, education, jobs and civil rights the




for the Missouri House of Representatives serving District 101.


Click on the image above to visit the Steidtmann for Missouri website

Genevieve will be at the Chesterfield Township Democrats August 14 and September 11th meetings seeking your support. Be sure to attend, meet Genevieve and other candidates and prepare yourself to get out the vote in November.

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