Democratic Messaging Resources


Downloadable in your app store. Contains the DNC’s PR material addressing today’s issues, which you can post directly to your FB, Insta, or Twitter. You will need training to access the content. Biweekly training on Thursdays. SIGN UP HERE


Goal is to combat disinformation, and they include a toolkit to tout administration’s accomplishments.

Into Act!on: Content Library

Database of usable gifs on countless topics that can be shared to all social media platforms!

Active Listening Resources

Braver Angels

Excellent organization that caters to teaching people to talk to people across the aisle. They have trainings that bring together “reds” and “blues” and give you a chance to practice in a
“safe” environment.

Building Bridges for America

Grassroots group formed by Pete Buttigieg volunteers. This includes grab and resources.

United Vision for Idaho

Get training and participate in a text campaign with white nationalists and other extremists, with the goal of uniting Americans on shared interest. Pro Tip: Remember self-care and lean heavily on the moderator rooms.

Disinfo Defense League

DDL uses coordinated strategy, disinformation training, and research to support member organizations with resources to fortify and scale current inoculation efforts and increase cohesion and collaboration in targeted communities.  Features over 230 organizational members who work to equip communities with tools, training, and tactics needed to combat racialized disinformation and win. (You will need to request access to the resources)


Diversity and inclusion course with skills that are totally transferable to active listening.