CTD Endorses CLEAN MISSOURI Amendment

IMG_1064Chesterfield Township Democrats congratulated and endorsed ten club members last night at its August 14 membership meeting. Those ten members all won their primaries on August 7th. They are: LaDonna Applebaum, 71st, Paula Brown, 70th, Kevin Fitzgerald, 89th, Mike LaBozetta, 99th, Bill Otto, 65th, Helena Webb, 100th, and Genevieve Steidtmann, 101st.  All are seeking seats in the Missouri House of Representatives.

John Kiehne, SD 26, seeking the senate seat representing large swaths of western St. Louis County including Chesterfield and Wildwood and Cort VanOstran, seeking the US House seat from district 2.

Candidates presented their individual campaign strategies for the next three months to the fifty plus members attending the CTD meeting.  Please check their campaign websites and Facebook pages for specific needs and direction for supporting your candidate.

Last night’s main topic was the Clean Missouri Amendment.  Maggie Lallor, Regional Director for the Clean Missouri Campaign highlighted the themes to the constitutional amendment which seeks to limit the influence of lobbyists in Jefferson City, make more transparent the financial donations to candidates, and force redistricting by an independent, non-partisan agency among other items.  You can find out more about Clean Missouri at cleanmissouri.org.   In a voice vote, CTD membership gave a full-throated endorsement to Clean Missouri.   Vote YES on Amendment 1!

On a related theme, Mary K. Brown, former Chesterfield City Councilperson for eight years and Wendy Geckler, former Planning Commission member for the City of Chesterfield for twelve years and both members of CTD, spoke to membership about the emergence of “dark money” and unethical campaign tactics by city councilpersons currently on the Chesterfield City Council.  During last April’s election, one candidate received the financial support from outside the city and region beyond the scope of the candidate’s own campaign treasury.  When several CTD members approached the city council to ask councilpersons and the mayor to declare against “dark money” by way of personal and committee resolution, the motion was tabled, and the matter killed.  Chesterfield city council refuses to disclaim the influence of Dark Money their campaigns. Click here for more detail.

Please be sure to put the next meeting of the Chesterfield Township Democrats on your calendar.  It will feature updates on these issues and more, including a workshop for supporting candidates which will be led by Stacy Newman, former Missouri House Representative from district 87.

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