Advocate Against Dark Money in Chesterfield Municipal Elections

Wendy Geckler, a long time member and leader of the Chesterfield Planning Commission identified the infiltration of dark money in the campaign for a Ward 4 council person last spring. She has brought this up before the City Council and procedure stipulated that the issue be presented and debated at a meeting on Monday, July 23 at City Hall before going to the Council.

The meeting is the Finance and Administration meeting and will commence at 5:30 p.m.. Though we will not be aloud to speak, the matter of moving the topic to the agenda for a City Council meeting will be addressed. A show of interested citizens will help that cause.

Several Chesterfield Township Democrats have committed to attend the meeting. It is a matter of number not representation this time. Please, if you can, attend the meeting.

Thanks for considering,

Mark Kumming

Co-Chair, Chesterfield Township Democrats

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