Just Show Up and . . .

Do you have to be a Township Committeeman to have an impact in your community?
Emphatically, no, you do not. And in fact, we encourage you to be involved in your community and in township activities before committing to such a position of responsibility. You can do this step by step by joining your local Township Club. We of course recommend Chesterfield Township Democrats Club. We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month beginning in July, 2018 (May 1 and June 5th prior). It has been famously attributed to anyone from Ben Franklin to Woody Allen that “90% of success is just showing up.” Few would disagree.

The next 10% — and we need you at this level — is as simple as joining one of the numerous Action Committees that are the lifeblood of Chesterfield Township Democrats. Committees currently forming include:

Community Outreach
Local Government Liaison
Business Associations
Labor Alignments
Media and PR
Internet Presences
Collateral Development & Distribution
Outlet Announcements
Topic Generation
Speaker Selection
Venue Preparation
Budget Formation

All of these represent current needs of any organization seeking sustainability, seeking a continued legacy of community integration and involvement. We strongly believe that in Chesterfield, MO, Chesterfield Democrats and their representative Township Club is a seamless part of the community and our adherence to social justice, fair mindedness, civility and dialogue are part of our shared community fabric.

Joining and participating on one of these committees, perhaps even leading it, is a way to give back, to pitch in, and to achieve. The work is not onerous and really is just what you wish it to be. None of us judge, measure or evaluate. We only are grateful for one another’s participation and affiliation.

So, join CTD, attend meetings, participate on a committee. That is how you and we can “just show up” and make a difference!

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