There are now about 300 days until the midterms and the Missouri House and Senate elections.  Candidate filing deadline is March 7 and the Missouri primaries are August 7th.  All 435 US House seats are in play and 33 US Senate seats, along with 163 Missouri House seats and 17 Missouri Senate seats.  We need enthusiasm and energy.  Use this link to view a list of pre-filed Bills and then use the Subject Index to search by your issue of interest.  The bill’s sponsor is listed as well as a summary of content.  Look especially for the Republican party’s attempts to further hurt the poor and the elderly in Missouri, curtail voting rights of citizens, privatize government services to the people and decimate public education.

If your are reading this, then you care.  You want to correct the egregious error foisted upon Missourians and the American people by the Republican Party and its armada of fascists, misogynists, pedophile condoning, racial profiling haters in form of last year’s elections.  The only antidote to the insanity of the Trump/Greitens agenda is your activation and your vote.  Come work at the local level with the Chesterfield Township Democrats, progressive democrats working together to return civility, decency and morality to local, state and national government.

Chesterfield Township Democrats needs and welcomes your energy and input as it organizes and consolidates to support local Democratic candidates for election to state and federal seats, to register and turnout the vote this November, and give a loud and certain voice for progressive democrats in west St. Louis County.  Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month starting at 6:30 pm at the Daniel Boone Branch of the St. Louis County Library, 300 Clarkson Road, Ellisville, MO 63011

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