Strong Blue to Present at Chesterfield Township Democrats September 5th at Walnut Grill


By Mark Kumming

Mark Travers, former Marketing Executive and Tim O’Sullivan former Trial Attorney joined together several month ago to form StrongBlue, a consulting and advisory LLC dedicated to finding, grooming, training and supporting Democratic and Progressive candidates for local, regional and national races.

Mark Travers, Principle at StrongBlue, will speak at the monthly meeting of Chesterfield Township Democrats on September 5th at the Walnut Grill in Ellisville (Dierberg Shopping Center at the Corner of Clayton and Clarkson Rd.)  A 6:30 start time is scheduled.  Drink and Food menus will be available.

“We’re providing centralized marketing and campaign management services at economies of scale to candidates for the Missouri House and Senate.”  Travers stated.  To date, their accomplishments include:

  • The development of digital resources for use by candidates around the state
  • Policy papers for new candidates to quickly get them up to speed on significant issues of interest to Missourians
  • Establishing a social media presence through Facebook, Twitter and the website,
  • Commentary on the website about the Republican legislature and its mismanagement of state resources
  • The creation of a contribution guideline chart, and other tools.

At the Tuesday evening meeting, Travers will share some of the work his company has developed, and he will use us as a test group for a speech that is being prepped for Democratic candidates.  StrongBlue has been working with a small group of candidates so far.

Be sure to put this meeting on your schedule.  You don’t have to be a member of Chesterfield Township Democrats to attend or even live in Chesterfield.  Anyone interested in learning more about StrongBlue and their strategies for electoral success is welcome and should attend.  And even if you are just interested in what StrongBlue is all about, join us.


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