Kelli Dunaway For The People of the 2nd District (and Chesterfield)


By Mark Kumming

Imagine if the Missouri 2nd District Congressperson was from Chesterfield, Missouri, was a working mother with strong Union ties and a back story in common with the constituents she would serve.  Imagine if the Missouri 2nd  District was represented by someone who was willing to face her constituents, represent their needs in Congress and, in fact, knew what it was like to try to live and raise a young family in an ever polarizing economy, education system, and health care environment.

Well, there is no longer a need to dream or imagine or wait for this.  Earlier this week the Missouri Times announced that Bryan Cave Director, Kelli Dunaway, “is running for Congress on a platform of education equality; accessible healthcare for all, regardless of ZIP code or income; and economic opportunity for every family.”  And she lives right here in Chesterfield.

At this month’s meeting of the West County Democrats, Bill Otto, former State Representative from Missouri and former candidate for the congressional seat in Missouri’s 2nd District ended speculation that he would run again.  But with a magnanimous gesture, he introduced Kelli to the WCD membership, a powerful Democratic Club in Western St. Louis County.

On Tuesday evening, candidate Dunaway spoke at the Chesterfield Township Democratic Club meeting held at the Walnut Grill in Ellisville, and was again introduced by Rep. Otto. In both appearances, Kelli presented as a personable, articulate, impassioned, and courageous candidate.  As a Democrat, Kelli indicated how important she thought it was to be bi-partisan and bring people of differing views together to face and solve problems common to all of us.

No doubt Candidate Dunaway will be quite busy in the next several weeks and months introducing herself to her potential constituents at township and club meetings all around the district as well as organizing her campaign and raising money. So, seek an opportunity to meet her and hear the compelling success story of this hometown Chesterfield woman.

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