November News

Let’s Get Positive!

On November 2, there were elections held across the country.  Many pundits have declared that these elections were a preview of the midterms in 2022 and predicted that the Democratic party is struggling.  That may or may not be true but what seems to be dominating the news is the perceived lack of consistent, easy to understand messaging from the Democratic party.  

On November 9 we heard from Helena Webb, one of our members and a committee woman in Ballwin.  Helena and others have created a digital method of targeting voters who either aren’t registered, or have registered but don’t always vote.  If you missed the meeting that night, go to the Claim Your Power website and view their organization and their messages. These messages celebrate achievements made and legislation passed by Democrats at the national level.  The issues are focused on changes that have benefitted voters at the kitchen table level.  As this project evolves and with more funding, additional voters can be targeted.  Donations may be made through Act Blue linked to the website.

All of this matters because as we approach the 2022 midterms our messages as Democrats need to be short and effective and TRUTHFUL.  We’re interested in hearing your thoughts on how we might better message not only other Democrats, but especially voters who don’t faithfully vote blue.  If you have some ideas send them to us at  Let’s create our talking points and get ready to fight the good fight in 2022.

Our November Virtual Meeting

Our November 9th meeting was held on Zoom at 7:00 pm.
We hosted Yamelsie Rodriguez, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood St Louis spoke to us about The Future of Abortion Access. Her presentation was very timely in light of the current Texas Abortion Law and the upcoming cases regarding abortion rights soon to be argued at the Supreme Court.

CTD December Project

Instead of our regular December meeting, we are asking you as our members to make a contribution to one of the charities or progressive volunteer organizations that we have featured during the last calendar year.  Think of this project as a Chesterfield Township Democrats Night Out and consider donating what you would have spent on food and drinks if we had met in person at a favorite restaurant.

Here are the volunteer organizations that we have featured at meetings and would like to suggest:

A Red Circle

ACLU for Missouri (link to their tax deductible fund)

Claim Your Power MO

International Institute of St Louis

League of Women Voters St. Louis

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

National Council of Jewish Women of St Louis

Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest MO

Take Back Missouri (Elad Gross)

CTD Membership
We want to thank all of you who have remained such loyal members during the last year! 

How we miss seeing all of you in person!   As of this time, the Daniel Boone Library Conference Room is still not open to the public for meetings.  We are hopeful that this may change in the new year.  We tremendously appreciate your continued support of CTD zoom meetings and projects through this difficult last two years! We are currently opening membership for 2021-22. 

If you submit your dues of $25.00 between now and the end of the calendar year, you will be current for all of 2022.  Even though we are not meeting in person, we continue to contribute to worthy progressive causes and candidates and put your dues to good use.
You may pay your dues online at:

Or, you may send them directly to:
Cathy Marek
CTD Membership Chairperson
14707 Windsor Valley Ct.
Chesterfield, MO. 63017